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SecuEx China came out under the background of the need of upgrade peaceful city to wisdom city, promoting the development of security industry. SecuEx China provide a platform for government, enterprise, association and media, and will introduce overseas resources. Nuctech,Kuang-Chi, Juan Intelligent Tech ,ITC,GATO,MEIGE,KING PIGEON,etc participated this exhibition.


〇 Video monitoring: China central television (CCTV) cameras, transmission equipment, video recorders, display devices, DVR, optical transceiver, storage equipment, control equipment, monitoring platform, chip solution, monitor, accessories; Intelligent building and intelligent household: smart homes, building intercom, smart home, intelligent lock, building automation, infrared thermal imager, infrared detectors, infrared perimeter prevention system;

〇 IC: access control, attendance, parking lot, access control, consumption, patrolling, smart card, IC card accessories;

〇 Security components: the CPU, CCD, CMOS, lenses, components, embedded software and other security products; Burglar alarm: detectors, alarm host, safe, anti-theft lock, security labels, anti-theft accessories

〇 IP network integration: IP cable transmission, switches, IP wireless transmission, routers, web servers; Biological recognition and anti-counterfeiting technology: fingerprint identification, face recognition, iris recognition, vein recognition, anti-counterfeiting technology;

〇 Intelligent traffic: traffic safety, traffic fee, vehicle detection, satellite navigation, public transportation, transportation equipment;

〇 Video conference: video conference terminals, video conference camera, microphone, video conferencing software;

〇 Public broadcasting: the speaker unit, partition, strong power, power amplifier, radio microphones, professional broadcast cabinets, alarm tone generator, pick-up, etc

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